The good taste guide to car customisation

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Should cars be meddled with beyond official optional extras*, or is this practice good for the economy?

Does it sadden you when you see cars with blue flashing neon strips and strange coloured wheels or do you like it?

Whilst these practices usually remain the preserve of older models (it would be rather risky to customise a new car in this sort of way due to the possible impact on resale value, after all!), are they good, or bad?

On one hand, we have to feel good that the cars in question are loved – and that the (usually young) owners are spending their hard-earned cash legitimately on something that is clearly dear to them.

And, at the same time, we have to realise that after-market car customisation is an industry too, supporting many employees up and down the UK and keeping people in jobs.

The good taste guide to car customisation

Do some customisations go beyond the boundaries of good taste?

When we said that radical overhauls were usually kept to the confines of older vehicles, you can’t leave out the more blingsome additions to new, executive vehicles. These type of after-market alterations are usually commissioned by the owner who are either blissfully unaware of the possible impact on resale values or who are just not bothered by it (i.e. they are rich and like to be noticed).

We are talking about unusual paintwork, body-kits and wheels that are totally not suitable or sold with the vehicle in question, that sort of thing.

What do you think?

Do you think that the days of the infamous Barryboys has gone? Or are they still alive and kicking?

Do you think that it is totally up to the owner or that it should be banned** as a matter of car purism?

Can you forgive someone who ruins an otherwise lovely vintage car with bits and bobs that take away its original loveliness? And what about private plates – have they had their day?

We would love to hear what you think on this one; we have had some very heated debates at Rosedale HQ on the matter! What are your likes and dislikes? Tweet us @RosedaleLeasing and let us know your thoughts.

Join the conversation and get involved! We would love to see your pictures, too!


*Obviously it goes without saying that irreversible non-manufacturer customisation of leased cars is definitely not allowed on any level!

** Not literally, of course!

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