Why it makes sense to lease your next car

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There are many people in the UK who still choose to buy their cars – new, or used. And in many cases, this is the best solution for them.

But leasing is ‘on the up’ – it has increased in popularity in recent times as, post-recession, businesses and individuals are looking to fix their motoring costs.

Regular low monthly payments

As well as having the obvious advantage of having a regular monthly payment that makes it easy to budget for, there are no concerns about depreciation.

If you buy your car, you never really know what it has actually cost you until you sell it or part-exchange it when the time comes to change.

Maintenance contracts and bulk Buying power

In addition, leasing contracts offer great value maintenance contracts that are often cheaper than if you were to look after this side of things yourself. This is because the bulk buying power of the funder and vehicle supplier means that top-notch nationwide maintenance contracts have been negotiated at the very highest level.

On the subject of bulk buying power, big discounts on the vehicles themselves can mean low monthly rentals. Comparing many leases – especially special offers – to buying from new often saves the end user £££s from this element alone.

In addition, because you are only ever really paying off what the vehicle will lose anyway, your monthly outgoings are much less than paying a new car off via hire purchase.

Avoiding depreciation

Many buyers consider taking on a used vehicle that has already suffered the initial depreciation ‘hit’. This is, of course, a very sensible approach but there are a few considerations that should be factored into any calculations when comparing running a new car against a second-hand one.

Firstly, maintaining a used vehicle will cost more than a new vehicle. Secondly, new cars are getting more and more efficient all the time with each new model generation, meaning that fuel savings – particularly for higher mileage users – are massively important.

And finally, leasing is, after all, hassle free. You hand it back at the end and hopefully pre-order a new one to replace it at the end of the term.

Whilst some may disagree that this is not itself saving money, some would strongly disagree.

Time is money, after all.

Why it makes sense to lease your next car with Rosedale Leasing

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