Rosedale Leasing Essential AdBlue® Guide

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In order to comply with Euro 6 standards and to help reduce emissions, increasing numbers of manufacturers are introducing Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology into their diesel engines.

When SCR is utilised in the correct way, it can help reduce Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions by up to a staggering 90%, as well as increasing fuel efficiency by up to 5%.

For SCR technology to work, vehicles need to be fitted with a special tank that enables a liquid-reductant agent to be stored, called AdBlue®. If your vehicle – or fleet of vehicles – are fitted with AdBlue®, it is important to make sure that the agent is topped-up to avoid unnecessary costs.

Rosedale Leasing Essential AdBlue® Guide

What is AdBlue®?

AdBlue® is a combination of urea and water, which needs to be topped-up periodically like you do with fuel. During normal driving conditions, AdBlue® flows from the tank into the exhaust pipe by way of a dedicated catalyst. This causes a chemical reaction that changes most of the NOx molecules into water and nitrogen; this is released into the atmosphere as steam.

How is an AdBlue® tank filled up?

New vehicles will usually have a filling point located near to the fuel cap, although this may vary so do check your owner’s manual to be sure. AdBlue® can be purchased from your supplying dealer, and it is also now becoming more widely available from filling stations.

How do you know when AdBlue® is required?

As soon as you see any of the following warning signs, it is important to take prompt action. Your dashboard will tell you that the AdBlue® tank is getting low (first warning), and/or will advise you a mileage range or an audible warning – this will be your second alert.

At this point, the vehicle will run at low power (‘limp-home’ mode) or it will not restart once the ignition has been switched off.

Is the cost of AdBlue® covered by a leasing contract?

As AdBlue® is a ‘top-up’ solution – like fuel – the cost is not covered by a non-maintained or maintained leasing contract. The cost of filling up with AdBlue® is down to the driver in the case of a personal lease or the company in the case of a business lease.

It is for this reason that at Rosedale Leasing, we advise that fleet managers and/or business owners ensure that company vehicle drivers are made fully aware about the importance of topping up AdBlue® and ensure that any necessary documentation is in place.

Whether you are an individual or a business user, in all cases, we would also recommend that the vehicle’s handbook is studied carefully to prevent any problems as all vehicles are different.

What do I do if I have any leasing queries?

If you would like to find out more or speak to one of Rosedale Leasing’s knowledgeable team, call 0845 148 3012 today or click here to find out more about contract hire and leasing – as always, we will be very happy to help!

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