Top 10 tips to avoid dangers of driving when you are tired

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Did you know that official police data has revealed that tiredness is a contributory factor in two percent of road traffic accident injuries? Some studies suggest that as many as one in five accidents on major roads are caused by fatigue.

In today’s busy world, it’s not just driving late at night that can cause tiredness, but the pace at which we carry out our everyday lives, including driving for work purposes. On the day after the clocks went forward, leaving many of us feeling a little jaded, we thought we would share our Top 10 tips to avoid dangers of driving when you are tired:

Rosedale Leasing top 10 tips to avoid dangers of driving when you are tired

  1. Don’t set out on a long journey if you’re feeling tired
  2. If you are setting out on a long-distance journey, schedule regular stops, particularly if you are not accustomed to long distance driving
  3. Make sure you stop in a legal, safe place if you feel in any way sleepy
  4. If you do feel drowsy, imbibe two cups of caffeine coffee and take a short nap for at least 15 minutes, again in a safe and legal place
  5. For journeys that are over three hours in duration, take 15 minute breaks on a regular basis
  6. Plan journeys around the ability to take breaks: make provisions for an overnight stay if need be
  7. Try and avoid early morning long-distance journeys as driving during hours when you would normally be asleep brings added risks
  8. Don’t set out on long journeys after heavy meals, as this can make you drowsy
  9. Avoid vigorous exercise before driving, especially if you are an older person
  10. If you are a company car driver, check out your employer’s road safety policy help prevent tiredness-related accidents

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