5 Easter driving tips to keep Easter car journeys stress at bay

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Road safety organisation, GEM Motoring Assist, are encouraging drivers to plan Easter car journeys to save getting stressed and avoid getting stuck in traffic congestion. Here are GEM’s 5 Easter driving tips to keep Easter car journeys stress at bay.

5 Easter driving tips to keep Easter car journeys stress at bay

1. Is your journey necessary?

If public transport is an alternative, even for part of the journey, this could cut down on stress levels.

2. Plan journeys

Planning your journey to travel outside peak times of congestion and work out stops to take regular breaks, which will help with fatigue, hunger and thirst.

3. Share the driving

If this is possible, sharing driving duties can alleviate stress.

4. Keep children happy!

As well as tablets with apps and games, have a few old-fashioned in-car activities at hand. Batteries can run out on long journeys, and boredom is often a factor in any event with many children.

5. Stay hydrated

Make sure everyone stays hydrated – research has shown that dehydrated drivers are more likely to making errors like late braking and drifting out of lane. Dehydration can also cause grumpiness, fatigue and headaches, so make sure that there’s plenty of water available (drivers should stop somewhere safe to take a drink)

Neil Worth, GEM road safety officer, said;

“The afternoon rush hour is sure to start early this Thursday. Traffic volumes are expected to peak at around 6pm. We’re expecting long queues at all the usual motorway and main road locations, including the approaches to the Dartford River Crossing, the M5 south from Bristol, the M55 approaching Blackpool and the A11 towards the Norfolk coast.

“To minimise the risk of sitting in stationary traffic for hours, we recommend planning your journey so you’re travelling outside peak times. For example, if you’re away for the weekend, then set off later on Thursday if it’s feasible. For any day trips, get going early.

“More big queues are likely from lunchtime on Easter Monday as families return from their breaks. In most regions, school starts the very next day, so once again the roads are going to be extremely busy.”

About GEM Motoring Assist:

GEM Motoring Assist was established in 1932, as an independent driver-based road safety association. GEM’s aim is to improve safety for all road users through the sponsorship and initiation of accident prevention measures throughout the UK and to provide motoring and safety information to its own members.

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