Tougher penalties for speeding drivers from 24th April 2017

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Road safety charity, Brake, has welcomed a series of processes designed to toughen up on drivers who break speed limits.

The new fines come into force from 24th April 2017, when new sentencing guidelines take effect.

Drivers who commit high speed offences will be dealt out harsher fines under a series of strict new rules for district judges and magistrates. They could be fined 150% of their weekly income, as opposed to the existing level of 100%.

Tougher speeding penalties includes drivers caught doing:

  • 41mph in a 20mph area
  • 51mph in a 30mph area
  • 66mph in a 40mph area

Campaigns director for Brake, Gary Rae, said;

“Toughening the fines and penalties for speeding is long overdue. As a charity that offers a support service to families bereaved and injured in road crashes, we see every day the consequences of speeding on our roads. I hope that magistrates ensure the new sentences are consistently applied.”

Travelling too fast for conditions or breaking the speed limit was recorded by police at crash scenes as a contributory factor of 23% of fatal crashes in 2015*.

A survey by Brake found that four in 10 UK drivers admitted they sometimes drive at 30mph in 20mph zones**.

At the moment in the UK, the minimum penalty for speeding is a £100 fine and three driving licence penalty points, with the maximum fine being £1,000 or £2,500 for motorway offences.

Road Safety Week 2017

Speed will be at the heart of Road Safety Week 2017, coordinated by Brake and supported by Aviva. The charity is also supporting the United Nations Global Road Safety Week from 8th to 14th May, which focuses on ways to manage speed prioritise road safety worldwide.

To help raise awareness about the dangers posed by speeding drivers, Brake will be working with campaigners, community groups, road safety professionals, companies and schools, who can now register for a free action pack via www.roadsafetyweek.org.uk.

Tougher penalties for speeding drivers from 24th April 2017

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* Reported Road Casualties Great Britain: Annual Report 2015, Department for Transport, 2016, table RAS50008

** Report on safe driving: speed, Brake, 2016

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