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One of the most common concerns that people have when considering changing from owning to leasing is what to do with their existing car.

Because of this, many opt to deal with traditional dealerships who offer a “one stop shop”, taking in their car as a part exchange and arranging for their new lease vehicle.

As Rosedale Leasing are part of the Lookers family, with over 160 franchise dealerships in the UK, we can also offer this service, unlike many independent lease companies. You can be assured of a fair part exchange price and as always, an excellent contract hire deal!

In most cases, your new car can be delivered and your current car can be taken away at the same time, too!

How to get the best leasing and part exchange deal

In order to evaluate any deal that you may have negotiated previously when doing your research, look at the overall savings over the term of the lease agreement.

If another company has offered you £1000 more for your part exchange vehicle, very often, you may well pay more than this over the term of the finance agreement that has been offered to you by another provider. Just make a simple calculation to see how each deal stacks up and take it from there!

With our Best Price Policy, we are always keen to match or better any offer that has been made from a competitor when it has been done so in writing and in clear terms.

Leasing your car – vs – owning your car

Leasing a car has many benefits that owning a car doesn’t offer.  Leasing offers fixed motoring costs for the term of the agreement and consequently, peace of mind.

Taking on a contract hire agreement usually makes it more affordable than buying one as monthly payments are less than paying off the capital cost.

Maintenance agreements can be taken out and road tax is included for the term. There are also clear guidelines relating to fair wear and tear to ease any damage-bill worries that you may have.

If you want to know what your car will actually cost rather than take a ‘gamble’ on future resale values, leasing is an excellent solution.

Find out more about the great deals Rosedale Leasing offer by browsing our website or call 0845 148 3012 to speak with one of our experienced team.

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