The facts about the new UK diesel and petrol vehicle ban from 2040

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We have all probably heard the news yesterday about the new UK diesel and petrol vehicle ban from 2040, just one day after it was announced that MINI will be producing an all-electric 3 door version of the popular model to start production in 2019.

Of course, there have been many questions regarding this announcement, one of them being will the UK be ready for the banning of conventional diesel and petrol engines as early as 2040?

Let’s take an initial, no-nonsense look at what the basic facts actually are.

The facts about the new UK diesel and petrol vehicle ban from 2040

By 2040, it is true that the UK Government would like manufacturers to only sell new electric vehicles, meaning that diesel and petrol models will not be offered.

However, if you already own a petrol or diesel-engined car at this time, don’t panic. Older diesel and petrol vehicles will not be ‘banned’ as the Government can’t make drivers stop using their present vehicles or sell them; the diesel scrappage scheme will be under consultation this Autumn.

A common misconception about diesel engines is that they are unclean and responsible for the air pollution that has resulted in these new rules. Contrary to this belief, newer Euro 5 & 6 diesel engines are already in line with EU regulations for CO2 NOX and particulates.

Certain roads across the UK have been selected as high pollution zones that local authorities will need to ‘clean up’. They have been allocated monies that will allow them to do this and will be expected to bring in a number of measures including the retro-fitting of polluting buses, the removal of speed bumps and the issuing of fines to school-run parents if they leave their engines running.

Local Authorities will also be expected to assist with the flow of traffic in general, including the co-ordination of traffic lights being ‘on green’ when cars arrive at them.

We will be covering this in more detail going forward but in the meantime, feel free to contact any one of Rosedale Leasing’s friendly and knowledgeable team to discuss any concerns that you may have about your current or next choice of vehicle on 0845 148 3012!

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