A-Level angst? 52 per cent of learner drivers think it’s more stressful than school exams

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On the day that anxious teenagers found out their A-Level results, it made us ponder about driving and the ‘exam’ along with the practical test. Are parents the best teachers or should driving lessons be given professionally to ensure best results and confidence on the road?

Apparently, yes. This will come as no surprise to many parents with 1 in 10 mums admitting to rather giving birth again than be driven by their child, according to research from Vauxhall Motors.

Two fifths (41 per cent) of parents are petrified at the thought of their kids driving them around when they’re learning with nearly half (42 per cent) disclosing that they forget the highway code themselves.

For parents who do take on the role as driving instructor, nearly one in five trips result in a dented car; a quarter admit to snapping when sitting in the instructor’s seat. Despite over half of kids (53 per cent) thinking dad is a better driver than mum, 20 per cent of driving lessons with dad has resulted in an accident compared to only 8 per cent for mums.

The research, studied the driving habits of 1,000 children and their parents, revealing that while 57 per cent of parents can’t wait for their kids to be able to drive themselves – nearly the same amount (52 per cent) wouldn’t trust themselves as their instructor.

Conducted by Vauxhall Motors to celebrate the marque’s new partnership with Young Driver programme, it comes as no surprise that over a quarter (27 per cent) of learners wouldn’t trust either of their parents to teach them how to drive; 70 per cent believe that they’ll be a better driver than their parents if they pass their test with professional instruction.

A-Level angst? 52 per cent of learner drivers think it’s more stressful than school exams

A-Level angst? 52 per cent of learner drivers think it’s a more stressful experience than school exams, and 45 per cent believe it’s more stressful than a first date.

Denis Chick at Vauxhall Motors said;

“As a father of three, I can safely say that I’ve spent much of my life transporting my youngsters around. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I’ve had a meltdown teaching them but when it comes to learning, we definitely think it is wisest to leave it to the professionals. As the research has shown, it seems most parents agree. We want our children to be safe on the road and the Young Driver courses are a perfect way to experience being behind the wheel of a car before doing the real thing on the road.”

We think the results are fairly conclusive: trusting a professional to teach your kid to drive will no doubt be less stressful for all parties, less dangerous, less damaging to your car and could result in a better chance of passing in the long run!

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