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What are your top motoring concerns?

The RAC’s annual report on motoring has revealed our biggest gripes – British motorists’ top concern is the poor state of our roads.

This comes ahead of aggressive driving, drink driving and the use of mobile phones whilst at the wheel.

The report has revealed that frustration is mounting, with 66% of drivers surveyed agreeing that over the course of the last 12 months, road surfaces have deteriorated. In addition, a whopping 78% of motorists said that UK roads are “generally poor.”

Motorists are also displeased that out of the £4.6bn that the government has raised from When it comes to fuel duty, there is nothing clear regarding a long-term investment strategy to make local roads good. Almost half of those surveyed would agree to pay more tax if they had assurance that roads would be restored back to full working order.

£100 million extra budget is not enough to restore UK roads back to full working order after Beast from the East

The ‘Beast from the East’ storms wreaked havoc on our roads earlier in the year, making matters worse. The Department for Transport announced that a £100 million extra budget was to be made available to local councils to enable them to fix the worst of the potholes.

Although this sounds like a large amount of money (and there is no disputing that it is!), this only actually scratches the surface, as the amount needed to return our roads to a working state is about £9.3 billion, including the maintenance backlog as estimated by the Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA) in their 2018 annual report.

The AIA report reported that one fifth of local UK roads are in ‘poor structural condition’, which means that that they have a life expectancy of five years, or perhaps less; this up by 3% from 2017.

Although some of this is down to the ‘Beast from the East’, the RAC Pothole Index, which is put together to remove seasonal effects, still shows that the state of roads has gone down considerably since 2017.

What are your top motoring concerns?

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