New law set to protect private landowners against nuisance vehicle parking

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A new law to protect private landowners against vehicles parking on their land without permission has been lodged by the Minister for Home Affairs.

The draft Motor Vehicles (Removal from Private Land) (Jersey) Law – will allow landowners to remove vehicles from their property if they do not have permission to be parked there. Landowners will also be able to apply to the Petty Debts Court for an order to prevent persistent nuisance parking.

The draft law will also make it unlawful for landowners to immobilise vehicles or interfere with them whilst on their land, making practices like wheel clamping forbidden.

Currently, there are no formal laws that allow landowners to take action when vehicles park without permission on their land – unless any car or van is illegally owned, it cannot be removed.

The trial is due to take place in Jersey as a trial to see if it is cost-effective and, of course, successful. If the law is approved, new regulations will be brought in as soon as the start of 2019.

Are you affected by nuisance parking?

Nuisance parking is classed as the act of parking on private land without prior permission from the landowner/s. It is currently legal due to a loophole in the law.

Presently, the Freedom Acts 2012 allows for anyone to park on your driveway without facing any consequences like clamping or towing. This needs to be obtained via the courts which can prove costly and time consuming, as well as very stressful.

The Minister for Home Affairs in Jersey, Connétable Len Norman, said;

“Vehicles that are parked on private land without permission can be a source of great frustration for private landowners. Currently, private landowners have few remedies to deal with the problem, and it can involve a costly legal process.

“The introduction of this law will make it much easier for private landowners to deal with vehicles that have been abandoned on their land or that are causing a nuisance, obstruction or a potential hazard to the emergency services.”

What do you think about the new nuisance parking law proposal?

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