The Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe – Mercedes’ answer to the BMW X4

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Building on an already-solid foundation

Taking up the middle segment of the Mercedes-Benz SUV line-up, the GLC Coupe has taken the chassis used in the standard GLC and replaced its body with a more coupe-like design.

But the changes aren’t just cosmetics. The Coupe has more direct steering and a suspension setup that Mercedes believes will make it “the sports car among the mid-size SUVs”.

Engine options range from the 220d up to the V6 diesel and petrol units, but the model we tested was fitted with the 2.1-litre diesel, peaking at 201bhp.

A keen eye for style

It’s a handsome car, with a clear link to the design of the C-Class Coupe’s refined look.

A GLC Coupe against the backdrop of a mountainous scene

The similarities with the C-Class can be found on the inside, as well, with an interior that you’d struggle to identify as one or other. But that’s not an insult.

interiors, but the GLC Coupe is well beyond average when comparing it with other vehicles in the class.

In taking inspiration from the C-Class Coupe, the GLC Coupe has sacrificed some practicality.

Although there are no complaints on space in the front, the rear seats are a little short of headroom because of the sloping roof.

The boot floor is also quite high, but not to a degree that greatly restricts load space. It must be said the standard GLC has more space and practicality, but if you’re looking at the Coupe it’s more than likely you value style over that.

What’s it like to drive?

The Coupe’s key traits shine on the road. It has a wider body and lower centre of gravity, and the sporty suspension setup – that’s optional on the GLC – as standard.

The GLC Coupe's front seats in brown leather


It rides the road smoothly, despite the 250d being one of the older engines available, and even more so when coupled with the nine-speed automatic transmission.

This model is powerful enough, with 201bhp and a 0-60 time within eight seconds. It’ll match the likes of BMW’s X4 and the Range Rover Evoque, whilst those wanting to keep pace with the Porsche Macan will do so with the more potent engines.

GLC Coupe pricing

The 220d Sport opens the range, starting around £40k, with the same nine-speed automatic gearbox, 18-inch rims, parking sensors and satnav all as standard.

Opting for the 250d Sport that we tried, comes out just below £42k. For a few grand extra the AMG Line has Artico leather, black headlining and upgraded alloys.

The GLC Coupe is ideal for those wanting an SUV, but one that’s not as bulky and muscular as a lot of the other models on the market.

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