Ford helps recycling effort by turning plastic bottles into EcoSport SUV carpets

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Did you know that Every Ford EcoSport SUV is fitted with carpets made from hundreds of plastic bottles?

That’s right! In just six years, the bottles used would stretch more than twice around the world: Every year, Ford’s use of recycled plastics across the globe prevents 1.2 billion bottles from being dumped.

This clever way of reusing millions of plastic bottles comes by way of every Ford EcoSport SUV being fitted with carpets that are made using 470 single-use plastic drink bottles.

Ford EcoSport SUV | Taking eco-friendly motoring further

Since Ford launched the EcoSport in 2012, the motor company has provided a new lease of life for over 650 million 500-millilitre bottles, weighing an estimated 8,262 metric tons * and that – if laid end to end – would stretch more than twice around the world!

Since first using recycled plastic in the Mondeo more than 20 years ago, Ford has recycled 1.2 billion bottles globally every year.

Tony Weatherhead, materials engineer, Ford Motor Company, said;

“Consumers have a hugely increased awareness of the harm that simply discarding plastic can do – but we have long been on a mission to increase the proportion of recycled and renewable materials that are used in every new car we make.”

Turning plastic into car carpets in the first instance involves shredding both the bottles and their caps into tiny flakes. These are then heated to 260°C and melted down before being formed into fibres that are the width of a single human hair. They are spun into a yarn and it is this material that is woven into carpets.

In Europe as a whole, only 30 per cent of plastic waste is recycled. **

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* The weight of plastic bottles has been reducing. This calculation assumes a weight of 12.7 g per bottle and 1,384,274 EcoSport sales globally.

** European Commission plastic waste strategy  

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