Top 10 bad driving annoyances | Part one

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We’ve all been there – every day, usually.

It’s the commute, school run, or whatever and there is a very annoying vehicle in our midst. Of course, we always stay calm (in fact, doing anything else these days could be fairly dangerous!) but secretly we are seething. But just what are the driving habits that – quite literally – drive us mad?

We have had a little poll here at Rosedale Leasing HQ and have come up with our Top 10 bad driving annoyances. In no particular order, here are our first 5! Our final 5 will follow in our next feature blog – let us know what you think on Twitter @RosedaleLeasing!

Top 10 bad driving annoyances – part one

1. Driving whilst using a mobile phone

This one gets most of us going, particularly when it is quite clear that the driver is paying absolutely no attention to the actual road. And it’s illegal, so we are quite right to get annoyed about it.

2. Undertaking

Some drivers have no patience! Being undertaken is very irritating and dangerous – again, it is also illegal. Shame on you, undertaking drivers of the UK.

3. Naughty kids in cars

We know that many of us reading this will have children but sometimes, when cars are ‘all over the place’ on the road, it is down to the driver reaching back, reprimanding their kids or doing whatever they need to do to keep their little ones under control.

In this instance, it is surely best to stop the vehicle when it is safe to do so, until the matter is under control.

4. Smoking with kids in cars

Again, thankfully this practice is now illegal – this one was a top pet hate of most of us here. It is truly horrible to see little ones stuck inside a vehicle without any smoke-free air.

5. Blocking off lanes

Isn’t it annoying when you want to turn and someone is blocking off a lane when they could just move forward? And then (and this is even worse) if you do ask them to do so politely, they get themselves in a flap about it and start chuntering that they have nowhere to go, despite the fact they often have about 2 metres wiggle-room!

Driving annoyances – have your say!

So, what do you think? Have we missed any out so far? We are sure that we have and that many of you will have some more to add!

Like we said earlier, we would love to hear from you on Twitter so please, join in the conversation and let’s get our voices heard @RosedaleLeasing!

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