Rosedale Leasing | Top 10 Tips for driving in Europe

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If you – like many of us Brits – are look forward to a much-needed vacation this summer and are taking a European road-trip with your family, it is well worth planning your journey in advance.

Rosedale Leasing | Top 10 Tips for driving in Europe

Before embarking on your journey:

1. Minimise any risk of breaking down by making sure that your car has had a good service

2. Display a GB sign – if you don’t, you could be landed with an on-the-spot fine

3. Make sure important travel documents are somewhere close at hand, including:

  • Driving licence (original – as well as a photocopy)
  • Car registration form (V5) if you own the vehicle, or a “Vehicle on Hire” certificate (VE103B) from your lease company
  • Insurance documents
  • Breakdown recovery documents

4. You may need to obtain a Green Card as proof of European insurance if you are travelling in certain countries – visit the Motor Insurance Bureau for more information

When you are on your European journey:

5. Be sure you are confident with driving on the right-hand side of the road – take extra caution, especially during the first few days of travelling

6. Be aware that other countries may practice different road courtesies than the UK

7. Even one drink could mean that you are over the legal drink-drive limit in Europe due to strict laws, so don’t take any risks with alcohol. If you do take a drink prior to retiring to bed, make sure you have allowed enough time for it to leave your system before setting off again

8. If you are on a particularly long stretch of your trip, stop for regular rests

9. If you need help from any emergency services, the number is 112 in Europe. Obviously, only call this if you require urgent assistance

10. If you are involved in a traffic accident, however minor it may seem, contact your insurance company as soon as you can and take photographic evidence for the record

Have a great holiday!

If you are planning a journey any time soon, have a fabulous and enjoyable trip from all of us here at Rosedale Leasing!

In the meantime, if you have any driving in Europe tips, feel free to share them with us on Twitter @RosedaleLeasing or on Facebook!

(for the record, the photo is for illustration only! Obviously, we don’t recommend that anyone leans out of car windows or poses precariously on any vehicle on any journey!)

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