Personal Car Leasing

Personal Leasing offers a flexible alternative to buying a car outright and offers a wider choice of vehicles for individuals. Vehicles are leased for a fixed number of months, at a fixed mileage for a fixed fee. This fee can include leasing with insurance and maintenance so that all your car needs are taken care of in one, easy monthly payment. Find out more advantages of Personal Leasing below.

Advantages of Personal Leasing

  • You can drive your dream car. A lease allows you to drive vehicles that may be out of your price range if you were to purchase them.
  • A wide selection of brands and models.
  • Pay as you go system means trouble free motoring.
  • Fixed monthly payments mean no surprise costs.
  • Monthly payments generally less than they would be on a car loan.
  • Avoid the depreciation you would get on a new car if purchased.

“I have been highly impressed by Ami’s professionalism and service throughout the process. She has been patient and very knowledgeable when helping us find the right car for our needs. We’re also very pleased with the deal she found for us. We will definitely continue to lease our next cars through Rosedale and will be recommending Ami to friends.”

Paul | Customer

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